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Hydrated Lime - For Mushroom Cultivation

Hydrated Lime - For Mushroom Cultivation

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Effortless Pasteurization, Optimal Growth.

Skip the hassle of heat pasteurization. Our premium hydrated lime elevates substrate pH for effective cold-water pasteurization, eliminating contaminants within your chosen mushroom substrate.

Precise pH Control.

Maintain the ideal pH range for robust mushroom growth. Hydrated lime fosters a balanced environment, maximizing fruiting potential.

Enhanced Substrate Quality.

By suppressing unwanted microbes, hydrated lime promotes a cleaner substrate. This reduces competition for nutrients and minimizes contamination risks.

Improved Structure and Nutrient Availability.

Hydrated lime helps maintain substrate integrity, preventing compaction and ensuring optimal airflow and water distribution. Additionally, it promotes the decomposition of organic material, releasing essential nutrients for thriving mushrooms.


add 20g, per L of water used to soak substrate.



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